Class of 1962, Alamogordo High School, Alamogordo, New Mexico


Betty Ann Hagaman, President
George Lee Craig, Vice-President
Patricia Lee Lambert, Secretary-Treasurer
Thomas Edward Seddon – Historian

COLORS:  Pink and White
MOTTO: A good student today makes a better student tomorrow.
FLOWER: Pink and White Carnation

For her hard work and cooperation, the Senior Class of  1962 dedicated its Senior Class Handbook to Mrs. Faye Lee, who through four years of disappointments, hardships, triumphs, and heated arguments guided us as our friend and sponsor.

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  1. Jeeper Gilliland says:

    Roy Morgan is a hero of mine, He has built a web-page for the best class ever at Alamo High!!!!!!!!

  2. Terry Fletcher says:

    Good job on the Web Site. Look forward to more.

  3. Mary Lois Snell, Yates says:

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  4. Janet Boaz Meaders says:

    Thanks Roy and Jeeper. My brother, Jay Patrick Boaz, Class of 64, passed from Liver Cancer in February of 2008. I have one grandchild, Alexandra, age 18 months, this December. I am interested to hear about my classmates

  5. James Boynton says:

    This website is a very good start, but now members of the class of ’62 have to use it and be ready to upload old photos that they have in old albums or collections. The more a website is used the better it becomes and the higher it will appear on the search engine pages.

    Good work, let’s keep working on it.

  6. Richard H Newton says:

    Glad to see this web site up and running. I did not Graduate from Alamo High, But from Carlsbad High “62′ . I was a transfer student from St. Micheals AZ . My Father was a Construction Electrician. I Transferred to Alamo at Thanksgiving of 59, then when school was out moved to Raton NM for the summer then to Carlsbad for my Soph year.
    I made several friends while at Alamo, one especially over all these years and with jeeps and Ann McNeals help We are in touch with each other, there are more I would like to hear from.
    I am on Facebook, retired from the Telephone Industry and retired to Queen NM 6 years ago and am enjoying the quite life very much .

  7. Celina (Gallegos) Brusuelas says:

    I am looking forward to seeing all of our “old” friends in Alamo. I still have lots of family there so I go often but rarely see anyone but family. Thanks for all of you who have worked so hard to make this happen…especially you, Jeep!

  8. Dwaynne Efird says:

    Roy, you get prettier every year! Thanks for the great site, buddy.

  9. Dwaynne Efird says:

    And of course, you too Jeep.

  10. bobsimmons says:

    Thanks for all the efforts in getting the website up!
    Go AHS,62.

  11. Troy (Loyall) Pennington says:

    Nice job, Roy! Thanks for all the work you did…we appreaciate it!

    Go Tigers!

  12. Bill Pabst says:

    Thanks to a Google search found the web site.

    Great work Roy. Also thanks for your efforts in getting this site together.

    My memory is shot to he.., but I do recognize the names of 3 out of 4 officers and Tom was a friend for quite a few years.

    We are coming to NM this summer or fall, to find a place (location, not home) to retire, and hope can tie the reunion into that trip. Mainly looking in northern NM because of all the camping opportunities.

  13. Mary Kechele Mason says:

    I was tickled to find the website, Thank you and hello to Troy Loyall and Estelle Brunson mentioned here. I attended school with the Class of 1962

    until we moved to FL at the end of 1960. I

    remember many classmates fondly. Mary Kechele (Mason)

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