Pictures you may remember

Varsity basketball team




Girls' State


Tiger Band


Baseball Team


Senior Class Favorites Sharon Wright & George Craig


Boy's State


Football coaches


Girls' Chorus


Golf Team


Most Talented Jane Nelson & Russell Smith


Thespians Club


Future Business Leaders of America Club


Tennis Team


String Ensemble


Chess Club


Varsity Basketball Team


Most Beautiful / Most Handsome Brenda Harrington & Bob Griffin


Future Homemakers of America Club




Faye Lee


Homecoming Queen Lynn Cherney


Prettiest Smile / Cutest Grin Betty Hagaman & Mike Sullivan


Track Team


Wrestling Team



2 Responses to Pictures you may remember

  1. Bill Pabst says:

    Note: Of the photos posted (to date,) a good portion of them I took. Glad you rounded those up!

  2. seddon says:

    Hold on a second, Bill. I distinctly recall taking most of those pictures! Especially the artistic ones.

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