Mary Kechele (Mason)

I was tickled to find the website,  Thank you and hello to Troy Loyall and Estelle Brunson mentioned here.  I attended school with the Class of 1962

until we moved to FL at the end of 1960.  I

remember many classmates fondly.  Mary Kechele (Mason)


About Mary Kechele Mason

University of Florida BAE Retiring this May from teaching AP English Married, 4 childen, 10 grandchildren I attended school with the Class of 1962 from 2nd grade to junior year. We moved to Florida at the end of 1960 where I graduated from Cocoa High School. I raised my famiy in Gainesville, FL and we moved to Melbourne, FL when my husband retired. I have fond memories of Alamogordo and many former classmates. I wonder if any remember me all these years later?
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